Über Uns

The blue of each country is different. Blu (Blue), there is no specific word to describe this color.

Ancient Egyptians chose the evil eye as the color of the gods. They believed that it repelled bad glances in Mediterranean countries. That's why the evil eye is blue. It has influenced people for thousands of years, sometimes the color of sadness, sometimes the symbol of joy, and all its tones have been the subject of different stories. We found a piece of our own story in the strings Nel blu (blue, painted in blue), the song that won first place at the Sanremo music festival, voiced by Italian singer Domenico Modugno. As the two countries, we blended with the blues of the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean and impressed each other, we were impressed by the unique similarity and the magic of art. Based on this interaction, we use the Italian-based word Blu, in the name of our hotel, as Ölüdeniz Blu Luxury Unique.